Container Delivery: What to Expect

A lot of customers ask what they should expect when they have a storage container delivered to the delivery site. In this post, we will cover the ins and outs of container delivery with Sun Pac Storage Containers.

When Will the Container Be Delivered?

Your storage container will generally be delivered as quickly as 24-72 hours (Monday thru Friday), depending on the order and whether or not modifications or customizations are needed.  If need be, you can request an ETA (estimated time of arrival) when you place your order. If you call Sun Pac’s office between 4:30pm and 5:00pm the day before your scheduled delivery, our dispatcher can give you a close approximation of your delivery time.

Make Room for the Delivery

Depending on the delivery location, typically a 20′ storage container needs about 75′ of clearance straight forward, while a 40′ generally requires approximately 100′.  The width requirement is approximately 12′, with a minimum 20′ of overhead clearance.  It is always important to speak with our dispatcher to discuss any potential obstacles like trees, signs, poles and overhead wires prior to delivery to avoid unexpected issues.

Before your storage container is delivered, there are some steps you must take as the customer receiving the container. Some tips include:

  • Making sure there is level ground for the container(s) to be placed on. This help ensure the doors align properly and are easier to open and close.
  • Clear out enough space for your container(s) and make sure there is room for the truck doing the delivery to place the container(s).
  • The main things to consider when preparing a site for your container delivery are choosing a somewhat flat, level, and smooth, hard surface. It’s important to consider the overall combined weight of the truck, trailer and container.  The best surfaces are concrete pads, asphalt paving, or other dry, solid surfaces.  Avoid grass and damp wet areas to prevent corrosion from occurring beneath the container. By placing on a solid surface free from daily moisture, mud and sprinklers, you will maintain the quality of your storage container and avoid excessive rust and product deterioration. If you require an off-road delivery, be sure to discuss the site conditions with our dispatcher so we can ensure successful delivery.

How is the Storage Container Delivered?

Sun Pac can deliver your portable storage container with one of our tilt-bed trucks.  Our driver will back the trailer into the drop off location and lower the end of the container. Once the container touches the ground, he will pull forward and the container will be dropped into place.  Additionally, our dispatcher will ask which direction you would like the doors to face, and we will load the container with the doors facing the cab or to the rear, depending on your specific site requirements and needs.

Rent/Purchase With Sun Pac!

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