1. What size portable storage & shipping containers does Sun Pac provide?

Sun Pac provides these five lengths of portable storage containers to meet every need:

  • 10′ – double doors on one end
  • 15′ – double doors on one end
  • 20′ – double doors on one end
  • 22′ – double doors on both ends
  • 26′ – double doors on both ends
  • 40′ – double doors on one or both ends

2. What are the inside dimensions of Sun Pac’s portable storage containers?

The inside dimensions for most of Sun Pac’s containers are 7½’ wide and 7′ to 8′ high.

3.  How much does a cargo/shipping container hold?

A standard 20′ conex box will hold approximately 1,150 cubic feet, a standard 40′ approximately 2,400 cubic feet, and a 40′ high cube is nearly 2,700 cubic feet.

4. What is the difference between a portable storage container and a connex box?

The main difference between storage containers is whether they are a roll-off or shipping container style.  Various names can describe the same thing, such as a cargo/shipping container, conex box (conex box), portable storage container, mobile storage container, and domestic containers.  Typically the name changes depending on your location and or region.  Steel cargo storage containers are wind and water tight, which are great for securing and storing items you do not want exposed to the elements.  Roll-off containers are not wind and water tight, however, they also are secure steel containers that are especially sought after for use on job sites and construction projects, or for additional outdoor storage on your property.

5. How secure and strong are Sun Pac’s portable storage containers?

Our containers are very strong and secure.  Our cargo (conex box) containers have 14 gauge corrugated steel sides, a 14 gauge steel roof, and 14 gauge steel cam-locking double doors, along with 1 1/8″ thick marine wood floors.

6. Will my lock be protected on the storage container?

Yes, your lock is protected with four cam rods and four padlock latches.  Additionally, we can provide a practically indestructible puck style lock for a small charge, which can be dropped off at the time of delivery.

7. How soon will my container be delivered after I place an order?

Your storage container will generally be delivered as quickly as 24-72 hours (Monday thru Friday), depending on the order and whether or not modifications or customizations are needed.  If need be, you can request an ETA (estimated time of arrival) when you place your order.

8. How much space will be needed for delivery?

Depending on the delivery location, typically a 20′ storage container needs about 75′ of clearance straight forward, while a 40′ generally requires approximately 100′.  The width requirement is approximately 12′, with a minimum 20′ of overhead clearance.  It is always important to speak with our dispatcher to discuss any potential obstacles like trees, signs, poles and overhead wires prior to delivery to avoid unexpected issues.

9. How are portable storage containers delivered to my location?

Sun Pac delivers your portable storage container with one of our tilt-bed trucks.  Our driver will back the trailer into the drop off location and lower the end of the container. Once the container touches the ground, he will pull forward and the container will be dropped into place.  Additionally, our dispatcher will ask which direction you would like the doors to face, and we will load the container with the doors facing the cab or to the rear, depending on your specific site requirements and needs.

10. What should be done, if anything, to prepare the delivery site?

The main things to consider when preparing a site for your container delivery are choosing a somewhat flat, level, and smooth, hard surface.  It’s important to consider the overall combined weight of the truck, trailer and container.  The best surfaces are concrete pads, asphalt paving, or other strong surfaces.  If you require an off road delivery, be sure to discuss the site conditions with our dispatcher so we can ensure a successful delivery.

11. How can I find out what time of day to expect delivery of a container?

If you call Sun Pac’s office between 4:30pm and 5:00pm the day before your scheduled delivery, our dispatcher can give you a close approximation of your delivery time.

12. How do I order a portable storage container with Sun Pac?

Call our office at (800) 558-2347 between 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday and our knowledgeable sales staff will help you order the right container for your storage needs.

13. What if I want to move our container on-site at a later date?

We are happy to schedule your onsite move.  Just contact our office and we will set up a move with one of our drivers.  Due to possible damages, we are not able to allow you to move the containers on your own, but we are always available to assist you!

14. How much will it cost me to have my container moved on the job after it has been delivered?

Sun Pac will charge you no more than your delivery charge to move your container. Please let us know a few days before you need the container moved so we can schedule it into our route. Call our office for more information (800) 558-2347.

15. Can I get a container moved that has material in it?

Sun Pac will move a container with contents as long as the contents are distributed evenly and the loaded container weighs no more than 4,000 lbs.

16. Can I buy a storage container from Sun Pac?

Sun Pac rents and sells containers.  For used storage containers for sale, please call our office today at (800) 558-2347.