Retail Storage Solutions

For established retail locations, space might be a problem. After all, these locations can have large inventories and nowhere to put these products. If this is the case, one of our storage container options would be great for you.

During the ordering process, we can arrange for a storage container to be placed near your retail site. This allows for organized storage that can be accessed later when restocking needs to occur in the store. Rather than creating a disorganized mess, using one of our storage containers will prevent this clutter completely.

During certain times of the year, certain items take priority. You can use storage containers to rotate products in and out of your store and still keep a large inventory.  Our goal is to provide your business with the flexibility and organization to maximize your profits while streamlining your daily operations. You can also rent one of our containers for multiple years or even purchase one, so don’t feel pressured by time when making this decision.

How Sun Pac Can Help

Sun Pac Storage Containers offers storage solutions in sizes ranging from 10′ to 45′ depending on your needs. If you require storage for your retail location, contact us through our Request a Quote page or call (800) 558-2347 to speak with one of our container specialists!