Maintaining Your Storage Container [6 Best Practices]

Whether you own or rent a storage container, taking care of it can seem overwhelming. Maintaining your storage container doesn’t have to be difficult. With the tips provided in this article, maintaining your container will be easier than ever.

Tips for Storage Container Maintenance

1. Make sure your container is on level ground.

Before your storage container arrives at its delivery site, you should make sure it is placed on level ground. This is important because if your container is not on level ground, the doors will not open and close properly. Additionally, the uneven ground has the potential of causing corrosion due to puddles under and beside the container.

2. Use care when operating vehicles near your container.

In areas where there is frequent vehicle traffic, such as construction sites, there should be extra caution used near your storage containers. Erratic vehicle use can result in damage to containers should there be a collision. Taking extra care when operating vehicles around your containers prevents unnecessary container damage.

3. Regularly clean your container.

Part of maintaining your storage container is to routinely clean out dirt, dust, and rust. If you want to extend the lifetime of your container, this is an essential part of your container maintenance regimen. While many containers are corrosion & rust-resistant, it is not impossible for these to occur. Keeping the inside and outside of your container rust & dirt free will keep your container in top shape.

4. Lubricate your container’s door hinges.

10' Storage Container Open Doors

If you don’t utilize your storage container frequently, the doors might have issues opening or closing. To prevent this, make a habit of regularly opening & closing the container’s doors. Additionally, apply a lubricant to the hinges to keep the doors working smoothly.

5. Don’t load heavy objects on the roof of the container.

You’ve seen containers upon containers stacked on top of each other and probably think the same can be done with other objects on the roof; however, this is not the case. Containers can only be stacked on top of each other because the weight is distributed on their load-bearing corners. If you put weight in the middle of the container’s roof, the container may cause a dent in the roof.

stacked shipping containers

6. Gently place objects inside the container.

While it may seem like it’s common sense, placing the objects you intend to store gently inside the container is key to keeping your container in good condition. Roughly throwing equipment or tools in your storage container slowly creates dents in the interior, leading to cosmetic and functional damage.

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